Stay on track with
Cue It: Interval Timer

When one timer ends, the next timer starts

With Cue It: Interval Timer, you can create "Cues" - lists of countdown timers in a sequence. When one timer ends, the next timer starts right after. Cues can help you stay on track when performing a task or routine with time-sensitive steps.

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Simple and intuitive, so you can focus on what matters

Using Cues

Track time for individual steps in a routine

When you are working out, cooking, or following other timed instructions - using one single countdown timer may sometimes be too broad for tracking time.

Cue It: Interval Timer allows you to make individual timers for each specific step, so you can better track your time.

Cues can be customized by adding/editing timers, rearranging their order, and (optionally) choosing how many times to loop your sequence of timers.

Customizing Your Cues

Edit timers in your Cue

While editing a Cue, individual timers can each be customized with sound effects, animations, voice narration, and more!

Customization options for timers include:

  • Text-to-speech narration
  • Device vibration
  • SFX on transition to next timer
  • Timer animations
  • Color schemes

Get Reminders

Set reminders of when to perform a Cue

Trying to start a new goal or habit?

Use Cue It: Interval Timer's Schedule feature to remind you to perform a Cue at certain time periods.

You can set timed reminders for a specific time and date, or repeating reminders on certain weekdays at a set time.

Need to Multitask? No problem.

Track time, even away from the app:

When you leave the app to multitask, Cue It intelligently knows which point in your Cue to fast forward to when you later return to the app.

Notification Bell:

You can optionally toggle iOS notifications that are sent each time a new timer starts while you are away from the app.

Toggle this feature by pressing the Notification Bell on the menu while a Cue is active.

"Lights out..."

Night owls can also join the fun!

Cue It: Interval Timer supports Dark Mode on iOS and iPadOS, with unique color palettes for timers based on your device appearance.

Also available on iPadOS

Cue It: Interval Timer is optimized for both iOS and iPadOS, and available as a universal download on the App Store.

Cue It: Interval Timer supports 'Split View' and 'Slide Over' multitasking on iPadOS, so you can keep tabs on your timers while using other apps.

Stay on track with Cue It: Interval Timer

Available for download exclusively on iOS/iPadOS